Friday, September 01, 2006

Who are you and What did you do with Sid?

Sid Hartman today was unusually pessimistic in his column. This saddens me greatly as he predicted that both the Gophers and Vikings will continue their championship droughts.

Sid is the original Kool-Aid drinker and drove many of us to this lifestyle of K-A consumption. He has spent 6 decades consuming the K-A and often spilling it on his tie. My guess is that he has a new nurse and the IV he gets hooked up to nightly actually has clear saline in it and not his usual dosage of Maroon or Purple K-A.

The Vikings of course have never won a Super Bowl in 4 attempts. The Gophers have the longest streak in the Big 10 without winning the conference title. Usually mid to late August we get our fill of Purple (or maroon) Kool-Aid as we hear about the Vikes cakewalk through the NFC and the how the pundits will miss the brilliance of Ski-U-Mah as they roll through the overrated Big 10 competition. Amazingly, Sid is usually (read ALWAYS) wrong.

Hey wait aminut!!! Sid is always wrong (sid is always wrong?). SID IS ALWAYS WRONG so that means the Gophers are in line for a Big 10 Championship and better still the Vikings are locks for the Super Bowl!!! You almost had me there Sid, but I see right through you.

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