Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vikings v Bill Kool-Aided Preview

Week 4
These teams are a combined 0-8 in the Super Bowl (for now!) so it is a battle of big game losers. This should be a solid test for the Vikes but one that is VERY winnable. A road game is always tough to win in the NFL especially against a team you are not very familiar with. Look for Pat Williams and Antoine Winfield to have big games in their return to Buffalo.

The Trenches - I think on both sides of the ball advantage goes to Minnesota. MN O-line should be able to protect Brad and open holes for Chester. The Bills D gave up 4.7 and 4.6 yards per carry vs. New England and Miami respectivly so this is an opporunity to establish the run and dominate the line of scrimmage all game. On the defensie side of the ball this is probably the weakest offensive line the Vikes have face all year. This is an opportunity for the Williams and the DEs to start getting pressure on the QB without help from the LBs.

Nobody on Buffalo's O or D line should be a factor, if he is then we are losing a position battle that we shouldn't and 2-2 becomes more likely than 3-1.

The Pretty Boys - Losman vs. Brad and I'll take Brad. RB and WR I'lll give the advantage to Buffalo. But when you factor in the offensive line I think our skill position players will have better games. I fully expect Chester to have a breakout game this week, start him on your fantasy teams! If we get pressure on Losman then Price and Lee Evans shouldn't be a major factor. Troy vs. Nate Clements is an interesting matchup, one that if we can win it will go a long way to being 3-1 on the flight home.

The Ball Hawks - If the D-line can get pressure on Losman then it will be intersting to see how our pass defense is with everyone in coverage. I am counting on 2 picks this week! In addition to solid pass coverage (an no blown assigments Whittaker!), we need to continue to be stout vs. the run. If anyone can take over this game for Buffalo it is McGahee. We must continue to stop the run, make them one dimensional and then be in position to create turnovers.

For Buffalo, London Fletcher has been playing great through 3 games. If we get a block on him, as stated I think Chester will have a breakout game.

Keys to the game

  1. Chester - I've said it thrice times now, but Chester needs to have a breakout game. O-line vs. their D-line should be a win for us and if we can get a helmet on Fletcher I think Chester will put up big yards.
  2. D-line getting 4 man pressure - we have been blitzing on a far too regular basis through 3 games. This is the weakest O-line we'll see all year so I'd like to see Udeze, Williams and Williams get to Losman without Napo or EJ blitzing. Let Napo and EJ get into coverage or flow to stop the run without taking them out of position.
  3. Red Zone futility - both teams have struggled in the red zone this year. The team that breaks that funk and gets 7 instead of 3 might be the team that has the happy locker room.
  4. Williamson vs. Clements - if TWill can be an open target for Brad (and CATCH the ball) on a regular basis we will move the ball and score this week.
This is a game that I am really excited for. I truly think the Vikings win most of the matchups that we'll be faced with. If Chester can run for yards and our D-line can get pressure on Losman I really think this game could get out of hand.

Vikings go 2-0 on road and dominate the line of scrimmage
MN - 27

Buf - 13

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