Friday, June 20, 2008

Dr. Z Drinks the Kool-Aid

Clearly the most brilliant NFL mind amounst the nation media Dr. Z (of Sports Illustrated) is obviously drunk on the Purple Kool Aid and has picked the Vikings to win the Super Bowl.

Why would he pick the Vikings who have been a playoff team once in the last seven year?

1 - They run the ball, they stop the run.

"Their middle triangle of tackles Kevin and Pat Williams, backed up by E.J. Henderson, is classic, and now there's a serious element added to that mix."
The serious element he refers to is Jared Allen.

2 - Improved pass defense.
Pass rush begets pass defense, which begets better statistics than the Vikings had last year, one of their big failings. They finished last in yards allowed. Where's the fix there? Madieu Williams, an active free safety for the Bengals last year. Charlie Gordon, a good, quick, free-agent cornerback.
3 - Some sophomore running back named Adrian Peterson
I get the feeling that I haven't convinced anybody yet. How about the league's flashiest runner in '07, Adrian Peterson, working behind, arguably, the best run blocking left side of the line in the NFL, Bryant McKinnie and Steve Hutchinson?
4-Basically a gut feeling...
Well, could this be the year that Tarvaris Jackson takes the Vikings the whole way, under a coach who can do everything for the position except throw the ball? I kind of think so. There's a storybook angle here, older coach, young quarterback, as the troops rally round.

So en fin, do I like the Vikings to go all the way? Well, yeah, why not? A feeling of destiny, that's what I sense about Brad Childress and his baby quarterback.
I'll be honest with you here. I drink more Kool Aid than anyone I know. I have this dangling dream that this will be a special year for the Vikings. But not even I am willing to...

What the hell,

I couldn't agree more. Dominant Defense, Best Running Back ever to hit the field and a QB who will shock the world. All of that equals the first of many Super Championships for Brad Childress and his Minnesota Vikings!

This year is going to be FUN.

Kool Aid Drinkers