Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Drink the Kool-Aid

Wikipedia states that this phrase is "frequently used in discussions about sports; when a fan makes an overly-optimistic prediction or hopeful statement, usually about a traditionally woeful team or franchise, others may comment that he is "drinking the Kool-Aid."

Well, Viking's fans, time to embrace this phrase. Don't fight it. Why try to be objective? Objectivity would tell you that this season your favorite team will do something to make you optimistic and excited about the playoffs only to destroy that hope in the most horrific and unfathomable way. There are countless examples for Vikings fans. Cubs fans, Bills fans and Red Sox fans (prior to 2004) have nothing on Vikings fans. Gary Anderson's missed FG, the Debacle in the Desert and the 41-doughnut NFC Championship game are only the recent heart breakers. Don't forget about the 4 Super Bowl losses and the "Drew Pearson Push Off"(the play which spawned the phrase "Hail Mary".

But I'll let you read about 22 of the worst moments in the Vikings dubious history here and here!

Enough negativity. 2006 is coming up, it is the Brad Childress Era and if this isn't the year then next year is. So grab your Ragnar doll and helga horns, put on your Hovan jersey, practice your best Vikings Horn imitation and let's get our roll on (wait, don't get your roll on anymore).


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