Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's the Playoffs - who do the Vikings want to play?

There is nothing better than the NFL Playoffs. OK, so maybe the NFL Playoffs aren't quite as exciting as the Insight Bowl, but they are pretty good.

The NFL is intense for 17 weeks and then it gets taken to a whole new level. 12 teams are allowed to participate in the ultimate game of texas hold em. Now they put all of their chips into the center of the table and it's win big or go home. There may not be a team in the playoffs that is more "all in" than the Vikings. With Bret Favre, his aging arm and his cavalier attitude holding the cards what is the path of least resistance for the Vikings.

The Second Round Contestants - Philadelphia and obviously New Orleans are off the table, so that leaves Green Bay, Arizona or Dallas as potential opponents. With the way they have all been playing I'm not thrilled about any of these opponents but we can't get two week's worth of byes so let's take a look.

Arizona - anyone remember Week 13? Anyone remember the Cardinal's run through the NFC last year? Their passing attack scares me and while I believe they are beatable in the Dome, I'd rather not see it.

Green Bay - I've never bought into the adage that it's tough to beat a team three times in the same season. I believe if you go 2-0 against a team you did it for a reason, you're better than they are. I think we can beat them but I'll wait until the NFC Championship game.

Dallas - I know they are incredibly hot and probably the most dangerous team of the wild card weekend. But this is the team I want to play. Mostly it is for the big picture. I think New Orleans would be ready for the Cowboys this time around and I don't want a home game for the NFC Championship game. I want to face the Cowboys and I want the Packers to beat Arizona and then handle the Saints. This is our best shot at hosting the NFC title game. We play great at home.

Bring on whoever but I think I'd prefer to see the Cowboys.

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