Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NFC North 2005 Review

5 weeks into the 2005 season the NFC North looked like they belonged in the CFL, not the NFL.

Detroit 2-2
Chicago 1-3
Minnesota 1-3
Green Bay 1-4

Week 6 is when things started to separate.
  • Chicago pounced on a wounded (or was it sea sick) Vikings squad 28-3 and went on an 8 game win streak.
  • Minnesota was victorious in 7 of their next 8 games to put themselves in the NFC playoff picture.
  • Detroit finished 3-9 beating only Arizona, Cleveland and New Orleans to finish 5-11.
  • Green Bay continued it's ineptitude finishing 4-12 which was their worst record since they tied that mark in 1991.
The Bears were the class of the division. Their defense was drawing comparisons to the '85 Bears and rookie QB Kyle Orton played just well enough to not lose games for them.

Overall the division was weak. Chicago finished 11-5, earned a 1st round bye and a home playoff game which they lost to the Panthers. But the Vikings were mediocre and GB/Det were 2 of the worst in the NFC.

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