Friday, August 18, 2006

2006 Detroit Lions - Kool-Aid(ed) Preview

After spending 5 straight 1st round draft picks on offensive skill position players the Lions offense was supposed to be a significant threat. The group of Harrington ('02), Kevin Jones ('04), Charlie Rogers('03), Roy Williams('04) and Mike Williams ('05) was thought to primed and ready for a breakout offensive season. Well Lions GM Matt Millen forgot 2 very important factors.

  1. You need an offensive line to block and protect. Without this in place the other pieces are meaningless.
  2. Joey Harrington is a bad QB. Putting your eggs in the Harrington basket is a recipe for disaster.
The Lions are finally ready to move in a new direction. Out is Harrington and former Head Coach Stever Mariuchi. In is Jon Kitna and Rod Marinelli? Talk about making the moves necessary to put people in the seats of Ford Field. I don't think you'll be seeing Kitna in "Honolulu Blue" on the cover of Madden anytime soon.

The Lions did not address any of their needs in the offseason after signing Kitna and backup QB Josh McCown (that BASTARD).

Defense ranked 21st in ppg
Offense ranked 28th in ppg

The prospects of 2006 being the first time the Lions make the playoffs since 1999 (or chances of first playoff win since 1992) seem pretty slim.

Realistic Prediction - 4-12
Purple Kool-Aid(ed) Prediction - 2-14 (who cares if they have a high draft pick, Matt McMillen won't do anything with it.)

**To both of my loyal readers I apologize for the harsh language above!

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