Thursday, August 17, 2006

2006 Green Bay Packers - Kool-Aid(ed) Preview

2005 was a rough year for Green Bay fans (I feel terrible for you). 4-12 tied their worst season since 1991 when they had the same record. Packer fans will tell you that the season could have been totally different as they lost 5 games by 3 points or less. Well, it is hard to make up those points when you give the ball to the other team on a regular basis and then give up your kicker in the offseason.

Through my purple colored glasses it was a great season. The Vikings swept the Pack for the first time since the 98 season and evened the overall regular season record to 44-44-1. The Vikings have actually won 3 consecutive games vs. Green Bay dating back to their playoff victory at Lambeau in 2004.

One statistic jumps out that the Packers need to correct. Turnovers!

  • Offense - 18th in yardage
  • Defense - 7th in yardage (19th in scoring)
  • Turnover Margin -23
That is incredible. 29 interceptions led all QBs by 12 (Aaron Brooks was 2nd with 17). What did they do to rectify this problem? Nothing, Ol'#4 is back behind center for another year. Favre needs just 24 TDs to break Dan Marino's career record of 420 (which would be a truly great accomplishment), but he is also on pace to set the career record for INTs (needing 22 to tie George Blanda at 277).

With a QB who will throw more INTs than TDs, an oft injured RB who is prone to fumbles, an inexperienced offensive line, a weak defense that was only slightly improved and having lost their reliable kicker;
this could be another disastrous season for the state of Wisconsin.

I don't have to drink much Kool-Aid for this preview.

Reality says this team will finish right around the 5 win mark again.

After a gallon of Kool-Aid I think I actually want them to finish 7-9 and go 0-2 vs. MN. This way they don't get a top 10 draft pick and hopefully this will perpetuate their mediocrity.

Prediction is 5-11, 5th in NFC North
Hopeful for 6-10, 5th in NFC North

Regardless of how they finish, I'm sure we'll all hear multiple times about how many Super Bowls the Pack have won and how the Vikings are 0-4 in the big game (blah, blah, blah). While that is all true, they can cling to that while they participate in the 2007 Brady Quinn Sweepstakes.


Anonymous said...

Though an admittedly terrible season last a Packers fan i have to believe that #4 has one more miracle season left in him. You may think i'm drinking the green kool-aid and check back mid-season and i may agree with you. Anybody can win the Norris division and the Pack have just as good a shot as the other 3 terrible teams.

Tom said...

Joel (my co-worker, Packer fan) says he'll shave his head if 2 teams from the North make the playoffs!

Kool Aid Drinkers