Sunday, September 24, 2006

Positives to take away from this loss

Don't jump off the bandwagon just yet. My Kool Aid is still cold and has enough strength to last me well in to January. Grossman and the Bears just beat us on our turf, but there is a lot of season left...

  1. Chester Taylor is going to be pretty good. He has a solid offensive line, but Kool-Aided viewing shows that he often makes the first guy miss and runs well when he can get past the line of scrimamge. I'm am really anxious to see him run against a team that doesn't boast a run stopping defense. I know that 2005 is getting further and further in our review mirror, but Was, Car and Chi were 3 of the best rushing defenses from a year ago. Buffalo and their 137 yds per game in rushing defense is next!
  2. Marcus Johnson wasn't as bad as he showed last week. I kept a close eye on Marcus this week and he did a solid job vs. a very good DE in Ogunleye. We ran quite a bit to the right side this week and Marcus held his own. (BUT Hicks scares me)
  3. Our defense is as good as we hoped. Chicago had been averaging 30 ppg, 372 yds per game and Grossman was the #1 rated QB in the league. Our D was not perfect but it kept Chicago from the big play and kept their offense out of the endzone for 58 min.
That's all I can come up with for now, but be encouraged Vikings fans. We will be in the playoffs and we have lots of time to perfect our execution and gel as a unit. The Bears can have this win, but we'll get them in the playoffs.

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