Thursday, September 14, 2006

My thoughts....

"Touchdown to checkdown mentality" - as I was watching the Vikings/Redskins game, I noticed how on a large percentage of the passing plays Brad was looking deep downfield on his 5 and even 3 step drops. The first 3 pass plays of the game he was looking down the sideline then checked down to something in the medium to short pass range. The "West Coast Offense" is famous for the short passing game to RBs out of the backfield, TEs and WR short routes. It is a ball control, long drive and efficient offense. So this downfield looking puzzled me. Until I listened to Brad Childress' press conference and he mentioned a "touchdown to checkdown mentality." This must be the other twist to the new "Midwest Coast Offense." TD to checkdown and power running is a combo that I like a LOT.

Someone on the Lions is drinking the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid (do not try that at home folks, it is dangerous) - I'm sure everyone has heard that Roy Williams (he's an WR for the Lions in case you didn't recoknize the name) has guaranteed a win at Soldier Field this Sunday vs. the Bears. That is asinin by itself but it isn't even the craziest thing he said. Before I give you his sweet comments let me preface them by saying Roy had a grand total of 36 receiving yards on Sunday, admittedly did not block well and was flagged for holding that nullified an 18 yd run by Kevin Jones. Now for the priceless comments from Roy...

  • "We'll win this game, you can take that as a guarantee … or whatnot, but we will win this game." - um, does he know that he's playing against arguably the best defense in the NFL, on the road? Someone remind him the lost 38-6 there last year (more on that later).
  • "it was stupid how close we were to putting 40 points on the board." - um, could someone tell Roy that they only score 6? They didn't sniff the endzone the entire game, how did they actualy just miss 5 TD? It was stupid how close they were to reaching double digits, I'll give him that.
  • "there's not a defense in the NFL that can stop us." - well, I think he is going to find a defense that actually can stop them (for the 2nd week in a row)
  • Fellow Lion WR, Mike Williams did not dress for Sunday's game and Roy came to Mike's defense... "He needs a taste of winning. He comes from USC. He is used to winning and is not used to being somebody's backup guy. He can play this game well." - um, somebody tell Roy that playing for the Lions is NOT going to give him the taste of winning that he needs.
Roy needs to realize that he needs to accomplish something (anything) in this league before anybody is going to take him seriously. Chad Johnson is brash, entertaining and VERY GOOD; Roy Williams is an idiot and a joke. In case you are curious the Bears are not taking his guarantee too seriously.

Free Agent Money well spent - The Vikings made Chad Hutchinson the highest paid G in the NFL and it was worth every penny. He wasn't perfect on Monday night, but he was very good and if he improves we will be in very good shape. He created the large hole for Chester on his 8 yd TD run and he helped to put the Skins on their heals in the 4th Qtr on our way to the game winning FG. Chester Taylor got better as the game went on and finished with 88 yds rushing against a top 10 rush defense from 2005. Tony Richardson didn't carry the ball but his blocking did not go unoticed in the 4th qtr as well. And Ryan Longwell hit 2 significant FGs, including the game winner with 1:00 left.

The Vikings also let Nate Burleson go to Seattle for a 3rd rnd pick as a restricted free agent. The Seahawks tried to exact revenge by giving Burleson a 49 million poison pill contract, but now they think so highly of him that he has dropped to 3rd on the depth chart after the acquisition of Deon Branch.

Steve Smith vs. Fred Smoot part 2? - I hope not. Smith torched Smoot last year for 201 yds and a TD. It was not pretty. Now Smith is hobbled with a sore hammy and may not play on Sunday. After some pregame trash talk a year ago, Smoot is saying the right things this year...
"I feel like I want to win," Smoot said, adding an expletive. "I'm not worried about evening the score. I want to be 2-0 when the game is over with."
I hope he means it, but it is kind of a lose lose situation for Smoot. If Smith plays and Smoot "shuts him down" it will only be because Smith is slowed by the hammy. If Smith doesn't play and the Vikings win it will be because they were without their superstar WR. Utlimately I don't care what happens with Smith, I'm with Smoot I just want to be 2-0 when the game is over with.

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