Friday, September 08, 2006

Vikings v Redskins Kool-Aided Preview


Ready for some in depth analysis that will blow your minds? Are you prepared for a verbal abyss of information that will make you the smartest person at your Vikings MNF party? Well strap on your Helga Horns and pay attention...

The Vikings rock and the Redskins suck!!!

Alright here is some real insight...

The Trenches - This could be said for probalby all 16 games this season but this game will likely be won or lost with the O-line and the D-line. The Vikings offensive line will have to be prepared and ready to right what was wrong in the preseason. The Redskin's D-line isn't spectacular, but their LBs are all pretty good. McKinnie, Hutch, Birk, Hicks and Johnson need to give WonderBrad time in the pocket from blitzing LBs and create some holes for Taylor to get into the backfield. If they can do this I really like our chances of moving the ball downfield, especially with Shawn Springs out for the Redskins.

Defensively, our D-line HAS to put pressure on Brunell and occupy enough of their O-line so our LBs will be free to flow to the ball and keep their running game in check.

The Pretty Boys - our offensive skill positions are all decent but nobody is really a dynamic weapon. As discussed above if the guys in the trenches do their job at an exceptional level, our offense will be good enough to put up 20 points or more. The MidWest Coast Offense (copyright John Clayton) will one that eats up yards and eats up clock, but WonderBrad, Chester and the WR core are not good enough to do it all on their own. Given time and some holes they are good enough to get the job done.

The Ball Hawks - defensive LBs and DBs are important to the outcome of this game (duh!). If the D-line does it's job, that doesn't guarantee much if the LBs and DBs don't hold up their end of things. Our LB core which is suspect to begin with HAS to play disciplined. They are athletic enough to cover the likes of Cooley and whoever is in at RB for the skins, but if they bite on play fakes/counters or overpursue they will be out of position and made to look like fools. That will be bad for us.

I am secure in all 4 of our DBs. Winfield and Smoot's ability to cover and tackle (especially Winfield) make them one of the best CB combos in the league. Sharper and Smith are solid as well, just cover guys downfield and let the D-line get in Brunell's face. These guys will make plays on the ball when the skins make a mistake.

Keys to the game
  1. O-line must do their job at a high level. Open holes for Taylor and give Brad some time to find the open guy.
  2. D-line must make plays in the backfield. Udeze/James have to be in Brunell's face, KWilliams must be making plays vs. the run and pass in the backfield and PWilliams has to occupy linemen to allow Napo/EJ to make plays.
  3. Nape/EJ/Leber MUST PLAY DISCIPLINED and make the plays they are suppose to make
  4. DBs have to create turnovers when the skins make a mistake.
MN - 20
Was - 13

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