Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Final Pre-Season Thoughts

5 things I think I thought I heard that Peter King was thinking...

1. The preseason is meaningless. Don't get too excited about the play of the Vikings defense thus far or WonderBrad's amazing completion %. Also don't get too worried yet about the lackluster play of the offensive line and the running game. IT IS THE PRESEASON. Culpepper and Burleson were ROLLIN last year at this time and on their way to the Super Bowl and then Hawaii. We all know how that turned out.

2. Regardless of the network (local or national) broadcasters are usually terrible (unless your name is Bert Blyleven). I think it is hilarious when you hear things like "And that is Terrel Owen's first catch as a Cowboy." Or "Laurence Maroney scored his first NFL touchdown..." He has not caught a pass as a Cowboy and Maroney has never scored an NFL touchdown. IT'S THE PRESEASON!

3. No depth in the defensive backfield has quickly become the biggest area of concern for the Vikes this year. Backup QB, WR depth, LB competence are all valid questions but if one corner or safety go down we have a serious hole on the defense.

4. My fantasy football team is stacked!
4b. Swan's team is terribul.

5. With all that said...

The Vikings defense has looked awesome (dare I say dominant). The linebackers were a huge question mark and they answered all those questions with flare!. WonderBrad has been exceptionally good and is poised to lead us deep into the playoffs behind that offensive line that is gelling but will protect WonderBrad like gold in Fort Knox.

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