Sunday, September 24, 2006

Vikes v Bears halftime thoughts

Let's review the keys to the game...

Keys to the game

  1. Grossman - has not looked like the #1 rated passer in the NFL. He has thrown 1 pick, had 2 more picks dropped and missed Berrian on a big 3rd down play. We are getting pressure with our LBs and DTs, but not fully taking advantage of his mistakes yet.
  2. Tony Richardson's blocking - not really a factor in the 1st half.
  3. Safeties - Danieal Manning was beat on the Vikes first drive but other than that has been OK. Sharper dropped an INT that would surely have been a TD and Smith has a pick. Sharper needs to make those plays.
  4. Penalties - What I assumed might bite the Vikings has killed the Bears to this point. 9 penalties for 77 yards is bad, if they don't cut that down it will be a long flight home to Chicago.
  5. Special teams has to win again - MN wins the FG battle, Chicago is winning the return battle, neither team is clearly winning this one. Vikes have to keep Hester in check in the 2nd half.
Decent half for the Vikes but the Bears have to feel fortunate to be within 3 points after all of their mistakes.

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