Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Morning After...

No Kool-Aid needed to realize this was a very big win for the Vikings!

The Redskins

  • 10 win team in 2005
  • who won a playoff game
  • upgraded offense at WR
  • signed Al Saunders at Offensive Coord
  • Many predicted the Skins to be a 10 win team in 2006 and in the mix to win the NFC East.
As the Vikings are trying to establish themselves as a playoff caliber team, this game was very important. A road win vs. a 10 win playoff team is a great start to the season. If you take a look at the Vikings first 8 games, this win takes on an even greater significance.

@ WAS - win
Car - didn't look good vs. Atl, but they are very good
Chi - if they want to win the division must beat the Bears at home
@ Buf - gave NE all they could handle
Det - gave Sea all they could handle
BYE - not a loss
@ Sea - NFC rep in Super Bowl last year and on the road
N.E. - home, but tough game

That is a brutal start to the season before we get to play SF, AZ and the Packers twice. 4 of those first 7 games are against Super Bowl contenders and Det/Buf teams who gave the Seahawks and Patriots all they could handle in Week 1. Winning @ Washington is significant because the first 7 games are not pretty for the Vikes.


Offense (A) - Some VERY key drives that greatly helped us win the game. Opening drive for a TD, last drive of 1st half for a FG, from their own 3 yd line to midfield and the game winning 4th Qtr drive were all very impressive.
QB (A) - Brad was composed from opening drive to the game winning drive late in the 4th. And don't forget the drive to end the 1st half that ended in a FG.
RB (B) - Chester had a nice TD run on the opening drive and looked good on the final drive, but was lackluster in between
WR/TE (C+) - Williamson's dropped passes on 3rd down in the first half could have really hurt. But he made a few other big catches and Robinson came up big on the 2nd half TD.
OL (A) - gave Brad time to make his reads and dominated the Skins in the 4th qtr as they put on a Midwest Coast Offensive clinic!

Defense (B+) - the stats say they gave up 103 yds rushing but 28 of those were really passes to Moss that were considered laterals. Regardless, giving up 266 total yards and 3 red zone FGs forced was great for this defense.
DL (B-) - inconsistent and Jame's roughing the passer penalty almost killed us. But Edwards batted a pass and on 1st and goal from the 5 the D-line came up big on 1st and 2nd down then they allowed Sharper to make a big play on 3rd down to force the FG.
LB (B) - LBs were rather quiet all game. But some thought Chris Cooley might have a big day but was held to 2 catches for -3 yds. And EJ finished tied for team lead with 7 tackles.
DB (B) - Starting the rookie Blue at FS didn't prove costly, Smoot made a couple nice plays and Winfield had 7 solo tackles. Was finished with only 163 yds passing which I was is a win for the DBacks.

Coaching (A+) - Does anyone remember when a Vikings team went on the road vs. a good team and came out as crisp and prepared as they did last night? I was very impressed with the opening drive. And the drives that ended both halves were also very crisp and the team seemed prepared for the 2 min drill like nothing I've seen in a while. Also, we made nice adjustments for the 2nd half, especially defensively. And we cut out the penalties in the 2nd half. Great adjustments and great preparedness, congrats to Major Dad on his first NFL win as a head coach.

I'll be staying at the Motel 6 in Miami, room #212 in January!

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