Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a week

I assumed this would be a dull Vikings week. We are 6-9. A hum-drum game scheduled vs. a 7-8 team that has had a bit of a resurgence winning 2 in a row, but out of playoff contention.

I was wrong.

  • Marcus Robinson was shockingly cut from the team. Cutting your most productive receiver over the last 3 seasons with 1 week left in the season? That is just unheard of. Coach Chili says it was simply to let him go and give younger guys a chance to develop, and this has NOTHING to do with Robinson's critical comments in a Pioneer Press interview. I believe you coach, let the young guys play!
  • Fred 'DD' Smoot was shockingly out at 3:00 am. DD was in a car accident and broke his jaw in 5 places.
  • Patrick Reusse shockingly rips Childress for not being an open book to the media. I'm kind of tired of this. The media gets all over coaches who choose not to disclose everything to them. I realize that coaches are often paranoid to a fault, but they are under no obligation answer every question the media wants answered. Then my real pet peave is when they put the fans out there as the victims. Nobody really cares how much Coach Chili shares with the papers if he is winning. Nobody cares at all when or if he announces a starting QB, a reason for disciplinary action or whatever if he's winning. And the press needs to quit whining and piling on at this point.
  • Kevin Williams shockingly signs a 5 year contract extension. Maybe I wasn't paying attention and people saw this coming, but Kevin Williams was still under contract for 2007. This is positive news. Wrap up the guys who are stand up and quality players to boot. Williams is Pro Bowler and recognized as a guy teams have to gameplan for. I like this move by Wilf and Co.
  • Troy Williamson is shockingly QUESTIONABLE for Sunday's game. But really, hasn't he been questionable all year?

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