Sunday, December 17, 2006

NY Jets vs. Minnesota

a must win over an AFC team to make the playoffs. Unfortunately the Jets are in a must win situation as well.

I have not doubt we will stop the run but can we contain the passing game (Key to game #1)? Statistically their passing offense is worse than Minnesota! Yes there are teams with worse passing games, hard to believe I know.

NYJ - 22nd in NFL 188.6 yds/gm
Min - 16th in NFL 203.1 yds/gm

Key to game #2 - run the ball on offense. Jets are 26th vs. the run. The old adage of run the ball, stop the run and you win just might play out today (assuming Key #1 is taken care of). Chester is back and now there is another change of pace guy with Pinner. Run the ball, run the ball, run the ball (don't give Brad an opportunity to throw an IFTD, inteception for TD).

2 Interesting Notes...

1. This will be game #2 of Brad Childress 4 straight games vs. fellow rookie head coaches.
2. History is not on our side, the Vikings are 1-6 lifetime vs. the Jets. That mountain (or mole hill) must be overcome today.

Ultimately this is what it comes down to. Win and you will hold a Wild Card spot or at least be tied with the Philly/NYGiants loser. Not necessarily a must win, but you'll need LOTS of help if you lose this home game.

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