Friday, December 08, 2006

Vikings @ Lions

Vikings must win to keep playoff hopes alive.

Fortunately (and by fortunately I mean UNfortunately) Brad Johnson will be putting his hands under the arse of Birk at noon on Sunday. But I would expect that if he confuses Honolulu Blue for Viking Purple he'll quickly be putting that Reebok hat on his head instead of his helmet and we'll get to watch Jackson for an extended period of time.

The ESPN Insider scouting report says the following...

The Childress philosophy of providing an even keel and consistency, while demanding accountability, has created a locker room atmosphere that is tense and uptight, with his team playing that way.
Give me a break! So asking NFL players to act like adults and responsible citizens off the field and then also having the audacity to ask them to do their job on the field is making them tense? I feel so bad for these guys. I mean nobody likes to go to work everyday in such a stressful work environment. Playing football and collecting weekly paychecks that the average person has to work years for is tough enough. Childress is unreasonable to ask them to not make mistakes and not have sex in stairwells of popular downtown entertainment venues. I mean if he keeps this up free agents will start going to teams where sex boat cruises are acceptable behaviours.

The lockeroom is tense becaue the team is losing and the offense is terrible. Realy that is just terrible reporting by ESPN. If we win, even just last week, this lockeroom is not tense and everybody is happy.

Anyway, I don't know we'll overcome this Nazi coach with unreasonable expectations and the tense atmosphere he has created, but we will. We haven' t lost to Detroit in decades (or at least 4 years).

MN - 30 (1 offensive TD)
Det - 13 (Brad throws an INT for TD)

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