Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vikings v Packers Preview


What do you call it when the Packers wear purple?
Artificial intelligence.

To outsiders this game may have very little meaning outside of fantasy footbal (OK so nobody in fantasy playoffs have a Viking or Packer, but you never know). But I'm here to tell you that there is a LOT riding on this game.

1. Draft Pick - the loser of this game is in line for a top 10 draft pick, while the winner will probably drop 4 or 5 spots.
2. QBs worth watching - Brett Favre's last game at Lambeau and TJack's first of many wins at Lambeau.
3. Lambeau winning streak - the Vikings have 2 game win streak (include playoffs) at Lambeau, 3 would be kind of sweet
4. Records to be broken - Favre only needs 7 INTs to tie George Blanda's all time record. And something about 7 TD passes ties Dan Marino's all time record. My money's on INTs and TDs next season.
5. Playoffs - I HAVE to at least mention that the winner is still alive for the Wild Card with a W while the loser is officially done.

This one could be decided by the weather. If it is cold and snowing that will actually favor the visitors in purple. If the weather turns this into a rushing game the Vikings are heavy favorites. If the weather holds, I still like our chances but the playing field is leveled.

Ultimately when the season is ALMOST lost, the only consolation left is to beat the Packers in the frozen tundra. Of course Packer fans don't care about beating the Vikings because the Bears are their rival, that's fine I care and I want to see them lose.

Minnesota - 74
Green Bay - 3

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Anonymous said...

somebody had a record night off the viking's defense. Poop.

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