Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Online Petition for Matt Millen

Any quick Google search will bring you to Fire Millen.com, you can buy your FireMatt gear here or you can sign an online petition to fire Millen here and here. From the perspective of a Lion's fan I can understand this desire to fire one of the few general managers in all of sports who is worse than Timberwolves VP of Basketball Kevin McHale. At least McHale has an excuse for being terrible, he cheated, was caught and lost draft picks. Maybe, the best thing that could happen to Millen would be to lose draft picks.

The evidence for Millen Mutiney is mounting. This article outlines it much better than I am able. But here are a few classic quotes from anonymous NFL executives...

"Taking a wide receiver with a top-10 pick three years in a row isn't balanced thinking. It isn't thinking at all."

"Mickey Mouse was a great comedian but you don't make him the head of the Disney Company."

"He's got the worst record in history from a general manager and he'll have that record forever," an AFC executive said this week. "No one else will ever get to have double-digit losses for six straight years. I've been in the league for over 20 years and I've never heard of a team going 23-68 without making a change in management. The only thing he's accomplished since he got to Detroit is surviving. Don't ask me how he's done it."

All of that is petty jealousy and code for this guy is awesome! Sorry Lion's fans, but this is a petition for the Lion's ownership to KEEP Matt Millen on as defacto General Manager. How can we argue with his track record? Really! Over the last 6 seasons (including 2006) the Lions are 7-30 within the NFC North (and NFC Central) .

It is almost a guaranteed 2 victories every season that Matt Millen is GM of the Motor City Kitties! Minnesota fans should be most enamored with Millen as he is 1-13 vs. the Vikings over his tenure including 10 straight losses.

It is a simple equation really. Millen stays = Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago have a much greater shot at making playoffs. Mr. Ford should do the right thing and honor his contract with Millen before caving to media pressure to can him just because the Lions are incapable of fielding a competitive team as long as he is steering the ship.

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