Sunday, December 17, 2006

Half Time (Jets game)

Well I think the Vikings quit after the first 4 plays of the game. This team seriously looks to be going through the motions. I expect a team at home fighting for the playoffs to show some emotion. To show some resolve to eliminate early mistakes. And to demonstrate some ability to move the ball against an average defense.

And giving up points at the end of the half was inexcusable. Seriously act like you want to stay in the game. Act like you want to win. ACT LIKE YOU WANT TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!


  • Brad Johnson - quit holding on to the ball forever. Quit throwing deep balls (and by deep I mean 20 yards) that have no shot of being caught by anybody. Quit throwing behind guys. And quit throwing 2 yard passes on 3rd and long.
  • the rest of the offense - O-line is bad and run game has stalled
  • Pass Defense - 19/25 210 yards (that's 1st half folks). In fact that is better than 9 full games for Pennington this season.
  • Officials - the pre-snap penalties are obvious, but they just don't seem to be tuned in and making accurate calls.
Not as BAD
  • EJ Henderson - he's been making plays thus far. Good to see that he's not resting on his laurels after his big pay day.
  • Run Defense - as expected. 21 yards on 11 carries is not too bad.
Will we see Tarvaris to start the 3rd qtr?

There better be some fire and brimstone in that locker room. Time to decide if they want to play a 17th game or if they want to get home to their families sooner.

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