Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pro Bowlin in Minnesota (or Leied in Hawaii)

Well the 6-8 Vikings landed 3 players on this year's NFC Pro Bowl team, including 2 starters.

  • G - Steve "poison pill" Hutchinson
  • C - Matt "my hernia hurts" Birk
  • DT - Kevin "no not Pat" Williams
I don't want to take anything away from these 3 guys. I'm happy for them and I don't doubt that they deserved their trips to Hawaii. But I think it is odd that we have 2 Pro Bowl offensive starters coming from one of the worst offenses in the NFC. Hutch and Birk are solid and their reputations are LARGE, but this O-line contributed to our offensive struggles this season.

And on the other side of the ball we had a unit that single handedly won games for us and will likely finish as one of the 2 or 3 best run defenses in NFL history. But we have 1 lone back up DT to represent the purple, and he is probably our 2nd best DT!

  • Pat Williams - more tackles than Kevin and has 7 tackles for losses. He seems to be a part of every big run stopping play. He is the heart of this defense.
  • Antoine Winfield - 70 solo tackles for a corner, 4 INTs and a TD. I know our pass defense isn't exactly the best in the business, but Winfield is. Certainly better numbers than Lito Sheppard and his 22 tackles, 5 INTs. And nearly identical stats to Barber. Winfield deserves to go.
  • EJ Henderson - I completely understand why EJ didn't make it, but he leads this defense in tackles, has 3 sacks, 2 INTs and a defensive TD. Tackles leader for the 2nd best NFC defense and historic run defense. It'd be nice to get some love for that. But I do understand that there are several very good LBs ahead of him and he has to overcome more than just stats.
  • Chester Taylor - putting 2 OL from MN would indicate to me that you think we are doing something right on offense (and we KNOW it's not throwing the ball). Taylor has put up very good numbers and will finish with nearly 1300 yards. Hard to argue against Gore/Barber/Jackson, but Taylor better be next on the list when someone backs out or gets hurt.
** UPDATE ** - PKA has learned that Pat, Chester, McKinnie and Sharper have been named as alternates and will go should someone ahead of them decide to not make the trip due to injury, jail, date with Tara Conner, whatever.

Ultimately this should be your ProBowl roster, but maybe next year.


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