Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NOW the playoffs start

Now that we have finished with the "Play-in" games we can start the playoffs with the full slate of playoff caliber teams. Here is the Kool-Aided preview (I knew you just couldn't wait for this kind of analysis)...

Game 1. Saturday afternoon
Indianapolis @ Baltimore

In the playoffs some things are always a constant. 1. Defense wins games. 2. Manning loses games. I think that the Raven defense is good enough to bring the Colt offense to it's knees even if Manning is in top form. On the flip side I think the Raven's offense can score 21 on the Colt defense even if they had Brad Johnson under center.

Ravens - 24
Colts - 16

Game 2. Saturday evening
Philadelphia @ New Orleans

This game is intriguing in some ways and a bore in others. Neither team is capable of winning the Super Bowl so this is a Wild Card game being played in the Divisional Round. New Orleans is home and has a well rounded team. But they also have no playoff experience (outside of Brees). Philly is hot but I think their luck will run out. This one will come down to a big play by one of the Saint rookies (Colston or Bush).

New Orleans - 20
Philly - 17

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