Friday, September 21, 2007

Vikings v Chiefs Kool-Aided Preview (Wk 3)

This is not your Kansas City Chiefs of recent memory. This team is not very good and the Vikings have another winable game on the road. If they want to live up to my kool-aided expectations then they have to win these games.

Before I get to the match-ups I know you are dying to hear my thoughts on the QB situation, so here you go...

I want to stick with TJax and give him every opportunity to learn what he's doing out there. With that said, I think starting either Bollinger or Holcomb give us a better chance to win. The real problem is that we have a defense that isn't just good enough to get us to the playoffs they are good enough to win playoff games. Unfortunately our offense isn't good enough to sniff the playoffs. I think we are a good QB and WR away from being a really good team. Obviously the 2007 Vikings have neither of these. So do you go with an average QB or do you let your young QB go through what is sure to be a difficult season and HOPE that next year is your year? If I felt that Kelly or Brooks (NOT Kelly Brook, btw) were good enough to get us to the playoffs I'd lean towards them. I know that TJ is going to make more mistakes than the white guys but I still think a rough 2007 will make him better for 2008. If healthy I hope they stick with TJ.

On to the match-ups...

KC OL vs. Min DL - advantage Vikings

I gave this one to MN last week and it turned out to be a push, but this week I will not be wrong. KC's OL has been criticized this year while the Vikings DL has performed beyond expectations. Kevin Williams has been dominant and the DE's have put pressure on QBs. Huard will be pressured all day, LJ will have trouble getting 60 yards and we will dominate the line of scrimmage.

KC RB/TE vs. Min LB - advantage Vikings (slightly)

The Vikings D will shut down the run, but I expect Tony Gonzalez to toy with our LBs all day. This is almost a push, but I give shutting down the run game more importance that 1 TE (albeit a very good TE)

KC QB/WR vs. Min DBs - advantage Vikings

Huard scares nobody, and off the top of my head I can't name 1 KC WR who is healthy (Kennison is injured). I'm assuming pressure on Huard since he has been sacked 7 times already, and assuming that you will see the Vikings actually shut down the passing game for the first time in a long time.

KC DL vs. Min OL - advantage Vikings

I would LOVE to see the OL just decide to dominate and watch the Vikings run the ball down the Chefs' throat. I felt they missed this opportunity last wee, but with a new QB this week hopefully that will be done.

KC LB vs. Min RB/TE - advantage Vikings (slightly)

I think the Cheifs LBs are the strength of their defense, but I also love what I'm seeing from Purple Jesus, Chester and even Mewelde. Short passes to our RBs has been rather successful and I see us running at these guys all day as well.

KC DBx vs. Min QB/WR - advantage Chiefs

Unless the Vikings are playing the Gophers, this will always be ad-opponent. Our QB situation is bad enough that best case scenario is that they don't lose the game for us. Our WRs may or may not be adequate we don't know cause they can't get the ball. I'd love to see just a little bit of success beyond 15 yards. I can always hope!

Seriously, this is the most winable road game the Vikings will have all year. If you want to have a shot at the playoffs you have to win this game. I think that we match-up very well in all areas except our passing game. The defense should dominate. The running game should have every opportunity to run downhill all day. I'm hoping to see some life in the passing game but I'm not holding my breath.

Both teams really need this win. In my opinion the team who loses might as well pack it in for 2007. If KC loses they fall to 0-3 with a trip to San Diego next week. That is almost a certain 0-4 and that is too big of a hole to climb out of in the AFC. Minnesota had what we figured would be a cushy schedule to start. Losing this game puts them at 1-2 with a home game against a hot Green Bay team. That is winable as well but not a sure thing by any stretch. They have to win this to guarantee a 2-2 start with a shot at 3-1 going into the bye. That puts them in a position to make a playoff run, but 1-3 is over for them as the schedule gets much more difficult.

KEYS to the Game

  1. Pressure on Huard - which will lead to turnovers and a short field for the offense.
  2. Dominate the running game - I know I've said this 27 times but let the OL dominate and lets run until they bring a 9th guy into the box.
  3. Score more points - I know you're saying "DUH!" but let me be more clear. I want the offense to score more points than the defense or special teams.
Fearless Predictions
  • Minnesota 23 - Kansas City 10
  • Purple Jesus shows the Chiefs the big numbers on his jersey (that means his back as he's running to the endzone)
  • 3 Interceptions for the Vikings D

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