Thursday, September 20, 2007

NFC Power Rankings Week2

I'm not convinced anybody is worth of #1, but somebody has to be on top so they can be knocked off. They have beat Philly at home in a relatively close game, then they dominated the Giants on the road. Neither team appears to be great but their 2 wins are just as impressive as any other 2 wins at this point.

My NFC Power Rankings - only NFC cause I don't care about about the AFC. Based on 2007 results only, not 2006 or perceived talent going into 2007.

  1. Green Bay (2-0) - nice road win, dominating 2nd half - this hurts
  2. Dallas (2-0) - defense was better and a road win, still nothing impressive
  3. Washington (2-0) - nice road win within the division, could be a surprise team
  4. San Francisco (2-0) - worst offense in league is 2-0, intersting
  5. Chicago (1-1) - unimpressive home win over worst of the AFC, defense is GOOD
  6. Detroit (2-0) - ulgy win, I'm just not buying into the hype yet
  7. Tampa Bay (1-1) - improved from week 1, beat a talented team
  8. Minnesota (1-1) - young QB < good defense = road loss
  9. Carolina (1-1) - you can't quit when up 14-0, even vs. Houston
  10. Arizona (1-1) - beat the Seahawks, therefore ranked above the Seahawks
  11. Seattle (1-1) - lost @AZ by a FG? not if you want to make playoffs
  12. St. Louis (0-2) - for a contending team, it isn't a pretty 0-2
  13. Philadelphia (0-2) - they think they'll turn it around, I'm not so sure
  14. New York (0-2) - looked good through 1 half, but then killed at home
  15. Atlanta (0-2) - not very good, enter Leftwich
  16. New Orleans (0-2) - can't live off of 2006 anymore

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John said...

The NFC looks very weak again this year. It is hard to imagine a NFC team winning the Super Bowl this year.

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