Thursday, September 06, 2007

I suck at blogging...

I have been putting all of my blogging energies into Gopher Nation, but so much has gone on I need to throw out some Viking thoughts...

  • Blackout? Are you kidding me? - This is the home opener and we can't sell out the Dome. Even in years past there has been even a little buzz and excitement about the season. The Vikings have always dominated this town but as I have previously posted there is more NFL apathy in the Twin Cities than ever before.
  • BOLD Prediction - the Bears will not win the division! On paper this makes very little sense but in the NFL things rarely end up as the "experts" anticipate. Their defense is good, they are the defending NFC Champs and their special teams are great. BUT, their QB is very questionable, they have no depth at RB, they have the curse of the Super Bowl loser and did I mention that their QB is questionable? Grossman has a better chance of leading this team back to mediocrity than he does of leading them to Arizona. I like Benson but if he goes down this offense will be in trouble. And I think we'll see more holes in this defense than before. In 2006 their yards per game and pts allowed both increased from 2005. I see nothing that this D will improve on their numbers and they'll continue to be in difficult situations as long as Grossman is QB.
  • BOLDER Prediction - the Vikings will win the NFC North! It should be noted that I am a registered Kool-Aid Drinker and will proudly stand by the Vikings. But I think this could be the surprise team of the NFC. Tarvaris is totally unproven, this I know. But we have what could be one of the best running games in the league, which will ease his transition. The Vikings defense is good good enough to win some games and keep us in the rest. There has to be a few things that come together but I'm hopeful and this will be the surprise team of the NFC.
  • Bring on the Kids - The Vikings have a TON of 1st and 2nd round kids playing for the first time this season or will be counted on this year. 2 true rookies, a couple guys who are essentially rookies and a couple with 1 yr experience who will be counted upon heavily. 1st and 2nd round picks have to contribute and we have several. Watch this young core of players as they grow this could be the start of a special team.
    • QB - Tarvaris Jackson - 2nd round pick (2006), essentially his first season
    • RB - Adrian Peterson - 1st round pick (2007), ROOKIE
    • WR - Sydney Rice - 2nd round pick (2007), ROOKIE
    • LB - Chad Greenway - 1st round pick (2006), missed rookie season due to injury
    • CB - Cedric Griffin - 2nd round pick (2006), played a lot but will be crucial this year
    • OL - Ryan Cook - 2nd round pick (2006), starting RT
  • Game by game official PKA predictions.
    • Atl - W (1-0)
    • @Det - W (2-0) - 10 wins are just not in the cards for Det
    • @KC - W (3-0) - run D too much for LJ and they have not passing game
    • GB - W (4-0) - now things get interesting
    • bye
    • @Chi - W (5-0) - bye week gives 2 weeks to prepare and we'll avenge 0-2 from last year
    • @Dal - W (6-0) - TO will be hurt by now and we steal this one
    • Phi - W (7-0) - at home we win
    • SD - L (7-1) - I'm anxious to see our run D vs. LT but Chargers if healthy win
    • @GB - W (8-1) - Aaron Rogers first NFL start won't be pretty
    • Oak - W (9-1) - Raiders suck
    • @NYG W (10-1) - Giants suck
    • Det - W (11-1) - Lions suck
    • @SF - W (12-1) - 49ers suck
    • Chi - W (13-1) - like I even need to justify this one!
    • Was - W (14-1) - nothing about the 'skins scares me
    • @Den - L (14-2) - obviously resting our starters
There you have it 14-2 is the official prediction (9-7 would be my realistic prediction). Home field advantage and the odds on favorite to be the next great NFL dynasty!


John said...

Your admission of being drunk on the Kool-Aid makes it hard to mock you.

I don't think that even Childress is drunk enough to think his team could go 14-2.

9-7 is probably a stretch too. I'm going with 8-8 as the best case scenario.

Tom said...

I went game by game and my logic seemed pretty flawless! Write it down, then call Vegas and watch Elizabeth's college get paid for by the 2007 Vikings!

Tom said...

and it should be noted that this year's prediction is more conservative than last year's 15-1 prognostication.

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