Monday, September 24, 2007

Kansas City Chiefs are MYTH BUSTERS

Typically I am very positive regarding the Vikings. I am certainly a glass half full kind of guy, but the time has come for reality to set in. I felt really good about certain aspects of this team and was confident (really hoped) that they would be able to cover up the weaknesses we had in other areas. Unfortunately that is not the case. The offense is worse than expected and regardless of how good this defense is, they can't make up for it.

Before I get into the bashing let me say this. Defensively we are better than even I anticipated. The pass defense is better, it will give up yards but not as many as last year when teams could pass at will. The pass rush is better, we are getting MUCH more pressure on opposing QBs thus far. EJ Henderson has greatly exceeded expectations at MLB, he is making plays all over the field. Greenway has made a few mistakes but I'll let those pass as youthful mishaps for now and he has made several good plays to make up for it.

Offensively I couldn't be happier with Adrian Peterson and he is going to be a great back for years in my humble opinion. I also think that Ryan Cook has quietly had a decent 3 games at RT which was a big question mark.

With that said, here are some big "MYTHs" that the Chiefs graciously busted for us this weekend.

Myth #1 - The Vikings offense would be good enough if they had a QB who didn't make mistakes.

Truth - 50% completion, no interceptions and the offense still sucked. Our offense is just bad. Some will blame it on the Brad's Kick Ass Offensive system and others will blame the personnel. I blame both but it really doesn't matter the net result is the same. And offense that has no identity can cannot score in the red zone. Ultimately it doesn't matter which of our QBs is starting this offense will struggle all year. If healthy TJ has to start, if we can't win with Holcomb then let Jackson learn on the job.

Myth #2 - The Vikings have a good offensive line (at least the left side).

Truth - neither side of this line is performing. The left side is just as culpable as the right side for not giving the QB time to throw nor helping to establish a ground game. The Vikings have FAR too many 1st down runs for losses. That is 100% on the OLine. And I would venture that a number of the positive runs have come from Purple Jesus making a guy miss in the backfield and turning nothing into something.

Myth #2b - Bryant McKinnie is a very good LT

Truth - McKinnie is the most overrated LT in the league and he kills us at times. Overpaid and underacheiving. Your average speed rushing RE is able to get a full step before Bryant is able to get out of his stance and that kills us. I wish more than anything we could trade him or cut him and recoup salary cap. Unfortunately salary cap is not a problem for us and cutting him does us very little good.

Myth #3 - Minnesota is a playoff team.

Truth - Minnesota is a playoff defense, but a bottom 10 offense. Besides single handedly outscoring the opponent what more does the defense have to do? Unfortunately without making serious changes this offense stands no chance of helping out the defense. I used to think they were just a couple players away from being average but I fear they need at least 4 position upgrades (QB, WR, LT, RG).

Myth #4 - Brad Childress will be fine given time and the right personnel

Truth - Brad was a coordinator and still thinks like a coordinator. I would love for him to hire an offensive coordinator who he trusts and turn the entire offense over to him. Start thinking and acting like a head coach not a glorified coordinator. Maybe Childress will eventually be a good head coach in this league (there are things I like about him) but for now I don't get the feeling he has what it takes. Maybe Darrell Bevell will be a good coordinator in time, but I'm not comfortable with a guy who's been coaching for 8 years to be an offensive coordinator at the NFL level.

Historically speaking I have been VERY patient with many coaches in recent MN sports memory. I was still sticking up for Mason, Tice, Denny and Monson for a long time after the masses had turned on them. And usually I will preach patience with coaches cause you usually have to give them time to succeed. But I'm turning quickly on Brad and nothing would make me happier than a bold move like nabbing Bill Cower, Marty, Pete Carroll, Mike Martz, or anybody else with a track record of success.

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