Friday, September 07, 2007


Vikings Frenzy - gives a good rundown of various national publication's pre-season power rankings. We all know that these are incredibly accurate and there is no longer a reason to even play out the season.

Ragnarok - gives the necessary formula for making the playoffs (like that should be a problem at 14-2). What we need to know is what will it take to get home field cause in Kool Aid land the playoffs are a foregone conclusion.

The Viking Age - has their own power rankings, about 18 spots too low but higher than pretty much everybody else.

Skol Vikes - has all of your Vikings roster questions answered. Prax squad, players cut, full 53 man roster, etc.

Pacifist Viking - really just clarify's my point about the Vikings game by game predictions. Shaky QB after shaky QB bodes well for the Vikes. I mean we get to face Harrington, Huard, Favre, Grossman and McCown just to name a few.

Just for good measure, game by game predictions...

  • Atl - W (1-0)
  • @Det - W (2-0) - 10 wins are just not in the cards for Det
  • @KC - W (3-0) - run D too much for LJ and they have not passing game
  • GB - W (4-0) - now things get interesting
  • bye
  • @Chi - W (5-0) - bye week gives 2 weeks to prepare and we'll avenge 0-2 from last year
  • @Dal - W (6-0) - TO will be hurt by now and we steal this one
  • Phi - W (7-0) - at home we win
  • SD - L (7-1) - I'm anxious to see our run D vs. LT but Chargers if healthy win
  • @GB - W (8-1) - Aaron Rogers first NFL start won't be pretty
  • Oak - W (9-1) - Raiders suck
  • @NYG W (10-1) - Giants suck
  • Det - W (11-1) - Lions suck
  • @SF - W (12-1) - 49ers suck
  • Chi - W (13-1) - like I even need to justify this one!
  • Was - W (14-1) - nothing about the 'skins scares me
  • @Den - L (14-2) - obviously resting our starters

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