Monday, December 03, 2007

NFC Playoff Picture (Pre-Week 14)

Well, time to bring back the playoff outlook. We had to get to .500 before I got pumped for a playoff run. Hottest team in the NFC!!

As a reminder for all of you returning readers from last season. When the records are listed it is (overall, conference, division).

Division Leaders

1. NFC East - Dallas (11-1, 8-0, 4-0)
2. NFC North - Green Bay (10-2, 7-2, 3-1)
3. NFC South - Tampa Bay (8-4, 7-2, 4-0)
4. NFC West - Seattle (8-4, 7-2, 4-12)

Wild Card (overall, conference)

5. IN - NY Giants (8-4, 6-4) - NFC win over Chicago is huge with only 4 weeks left.
Key Remaining Games - @Phi (wk14), Wash(wk15)
H2H Tiebreakers - Det, Chi, Was (for now), Phi (for now)

6. IN - Arizona (6-6, 3-5) - next two road games are huge
Key Remaining Games - @Sea, @NO, Atl, Stl
H2H Tiebreakers - Det

7. Detroit (6-6, 4-6) - currently ahead of Min based on division record.
Key Remaining Games - Dal(wk14), @GB(wk17)
H2H Tiebreakers - Chi

8. Minnesota (6-6, 4-5) - although currently out, things look good
Key Remaining Games - @SF(wk14), Chi(wk15), Was(wk16)
H2H Tiebreakers - NYG, Chi(for now)

9. Carolina (5-7, 5-4) - 5-4 NFC record gives them hope
Key Remaining Games - Sea(wk15), Dal(wk16), @TB(wk17)
H2H Tiebreakers - AZ

Still Clinging to Life

10. Washington (5-7) - a ways out
H2H over Det and Arz

11. Chicago (5-7) - plays Was this week, loser is essentially eliminated
H2H - Phi

12. Philadelphia (5-7) - tough remaining schedule
H2H over Det and Min

13. New Orleans (5-7) - don't hold your breath Saints fans
H2H over nobody

Vikings fans games to watch (in order of importance)

  1. @Seattle over Arizona - need to get to that 6th spot
  2. @Philly over NY Giants - with H2H in our favor catching NY isn't out of question
  3. Chicago over @Washington - lets get one of these teams out for good
  4. @Dallas over Detroit - should be a sure thing right?

Things really look pretty good for Minnesota. All of our games are highly winable, Detroit has a really difficult schedule (Dal, @SD and @GB, ouch) and Arizona isn't playing great either. Obviously we have to take care of business ourselves, but we are close to controlling our own destiny as you can be without really controlling your own destiny.


Danielle said...

"4. NFC West - Seattle (8-4, 7-2, 4-12)"

Pretty sure the Seahawks aren't 4-12 in their division.

PJS said...

I can't believe we're talking about Vikings and playoffs in the same breath. It's great, but compeltely unexpected.

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