Monday, December 17, 2007

Live Blogging MNF!

Darren Sharper makes me look smart by picking off Orton to end the game. Ugly win. But eliminating the Bears, Eagles and Lions is nice. Especially since it narrows the playoff field.

The Vikings score the last 17 points of the game to win their 5th straight in spite of poor QB decisions.

Peterson struggled for 3 quarters but the 4th he had 37 yards on 5 carried and a TD.

more on this ugly game tomorrow (or some other day this week).

2nd time this season the Vikes were at least -3 in turnovers and won. And 2nd time the Bears turnover over their opponent at least 4 times and lost.

** My wife just said that one person probably looked at this live blog and it was probably by accident. Isn't she sweet? She's wrong at least 3 people looked.

** That intentional grounding was the worst call of the night.

13-20 - The lead for the first time tonight. The experienced Bollinger gets confused (um, hand off right, not left shouldn't be too hard) in the backfield but Peterson is kinda good and give us the lead. Then the nimble Bollinger takes in the 2 point conversion. Quarterback controversy? (JUST KIDDING)

Now we need to keep the pressure on Orton and get the pick when he throws it up for grabs.

Right before the touchdown injuries took over. Tillman has been having a great game for the Bears is injured (knocked on his ass, throws up on sideline). Then Jackson tweaks something (he is kind of a wimp in his short career). Then Sydney Rice goes to the locker room to amputate his left fibula I think.

** Offensive line has been really bad today. Birk missed an Urlacher blitz twice and there have been a handful of times a Bear D-lineman was able to beat his man and tackle Peterson at the line of scrimmage. They have been great the last month but tonight they have struggled. But we now have the ball on the 5 and a score here is hopefully going to be enough.

I predict we score here and get an Orton pick as he tries to force some throws in a failed comeback.

End of 3rd QTR: 13-12

I feel like I know less about football after watching 3 quarters of "football."

I really think we can get this W with just a FG and no more turnovers. We are getting pressure on Orton and he has looked awful ever since the Henderson hit. Their offense is doing nothing, we are doing next to nothing but we just need 1 drive to get it done.

Just one big run by Peterson or one more big pass play might be enough.

** I like the ESPN crew, but Urlacher's 2 recent sacks are not because he is playing "at a Honolulu level." Urlacher stood at the line of scrimmage, then jogged to the QB, UNTOUCHED. Any MLB whether college, XFL, World League, English Premier League, whatever would sack the QB if you don't block him.

** Jackson now is responsible for all 4 turnovers. I'm going to cry.

** Jackson now has a career high in passing yards.

13-1312 - FINALLY somebody made a play. Ferguson makes a great play (but could have had the 6 points himself). But nice job Robert and way to pad Jackson and Peterson's stats. Tie game, wait, WHAT? Oh holy freaking flying poop. This better get us going cause if we lose because of a freaking bad snap that is going to suck.

** EJ Henderson, that's what I'm talking about! Now somebody needs to be able to catch the short punt. Next play is another blitz and Orton throws it before the corner is within 5 steps. Get those hits on him and let the defense score (the offense might not do it tonight).

** NOOOOOO! Winfield will not return this game. That's not good.


Jackson has looked very good with the exception of about 2 throws, but 11/16 and 129 yards has been a full game for him and he did that in just one half. I wrote a bit too soon. That last INT was a TERRIBLE throw. Then he totally missed Ferguson for a big gain. Nice scramble +15 yards (albeit weak again). All in all an average half. Led team to 3 points to end the half shows a little moxy, but please no more turnovers.

Turnovers are frustrating and have given the Bears 10 points. The Bears clearly earned their TD but getting the ball inside the 10 with less than a minute left is unacceptable.

The Bears offense is terrible and their defense has been OK. They are so focused on shutting down Peterson and making Jackson beat them. So far it is working.

2 things need to change...

1 - there has been absolutely no pressure on Orton. He needs to be hit hard a few times and then some constant pressure.

2 - Peterson has to get some running room. I know they are keying on PJ and they don't want to get embarrassed again, but there has to be some plays in the KAO that will let him get the ball in space.

6-3 - Sorry, ESPN. This game is rather boring. Bears up despite a couple more penalties and needing 2 plays to get a yard. Actually that last 12 men in the huddle penalty may have been a +3 penalty for them.

3-3 - Finally the punter battle ended for now. Nice little drive, nothing special. TJax actually did a couple nice things on this drive including standing in the pocket to deliver an 18 yd pass when he know he was going to get leveled by Briggs. Plus a penalty to boot (kind of a week RtP, but we'll take it).

MN First Downs - 7
Chi First Downs - 0

MN Turnovers - 2
Chi Turnovers - 0

nets out to 3-3

** HOLY CRAP (holding back the language cause this is a family site, but what the f*$K), you have to love 4/4 for 53 yards from Jackson but fumbles are going to be the end of us. You've got to be kidding me. This is what I was talking about in my preview. On paper our defense should dominate and our offense should have every opportunity to be effective, but if you are going to give the Bears the ball every time you ain't going to win. UGH

3-0 - TJax to Ferguson to Vasher's helmet to Urlacher to false starts to Robbie Gould.

Mistakes will ruin my MNF experience. I want to see play-action and let Jackson use that arm to get us a quick one.

** UGH - nice pick by Urlacher. Can't have that happen. Thank you for the false start that will "hopefully" lead to 3 pts or less.

** Great tackle by Winfield, that was huge. Keeping Hester contained every time he touches the ball is huge. Every time he touches the ball I hold my breath and getting him for a 1 yd gain makes me happy.

Are you ready for some Football?! - So excited, I miss being on MNF. So far the ESPN crew isn't doing us any favors. Jaworski is calling Purple Jesus the best back ever and Kornheiser was almost happy to take us through the demise of the 2007 Bears. At least Keyshawn picked the Bears to win, we got that going for us.

Can't wait to watch...

  • Purple Jesus run all over.
  • Hester never touch the ball!

Importance of tonight! - I get the feeling that Viking Nation is assuming the playoffs. This team has played so well to get into a wild card spot and it feels like the rest of the regular season is a formality. But this game is huge. Lose a couple games and we'll be done after week 17. New Orleans is more than capable of winning out and taking our coveted playoff spot.

You HAVE to win a home divisional game against a team that you should beat.

Stay tuned for further insightful analysis throughout the game!

This is your purple pants, purple jersey leader!

Listening to the KFAN pregame I learned that this is actually the 2nd time in team history that the Vikings are all purple. 1964 was the first. The Lions came to town with their white jerseys. The Vikings dressed in their white jerseys. After 1 quarter of trying to play with both teams in white, the Vikings changed to their purple jerseys to go with the purple pants they were already wearing.

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