Wednesday, July 11, 2007

With a passing game like this...

So ESPN (Insider) has ranked each team's QBs and WRs. You can about imagine where the Viking's passing game ranks. We all thought our passing game was bad last year as it ranked in the top 20 overall. But I'm afraid it could get worse.

QB - ranked 31 out of 32. Just ahead of Kansas City (note to self, don't draft Damon Huard for my fantasy team).

WR - 32 out of 32. WHAT!?! Didn't they see that we signed Bobby Wade (see note on Huard)?
So the Capt. Obvious quote of the day is?...

"This is the worst group of wide receivers in the league and there is a good chance that Minnesota's passing game will be awful this season."
Um, a good chance? Wow, way to go out on a limb on this one.

So we are all pretty aware of our offensive weakness and this is clearly what has the potential to keep the purple headed warriors out of the playoffs. But this blog is clearly NOT about what will keep us down. We are all about what has the potential to carry us.

Not even I can sugar coat the lack of experience this battery has on their resume. But this group has a lot of upside and potential.

QB - Tarvaris Jackson has played in 2 regular season games and the results were mixed (at best). I'm worried that if Brad Johnson was unable to execute the KAO (Kick Ass Offense), then I don't have much confidence that Tarvaris will master it in his 2nd season. My favorite question to ask is...
Tarvaris...the next McNabb or Akili Smith? - please respond

WR - cling to this word..."upside"! Either we start over next year with a new group of WRs or this is the young nucleus that will be a nice compliment to what should be a very good ground game.

Troy Williamson? - struggled mightily and I can't sugar coat this one. TWills has world class speed and can open up this offense but he needs to learn to catch the ball. There is upside here but his leash has to be short cause speed is worthless if you have bricks for hands and lobster arms.

Sydney Rice? - rookie with upside. No experience and there is worry that this 2nd round pick will be a bust and we will point to a handful of WRs who were available when we drafted Rice. Or this was brilliant and he'll be a key part of an explosive offense that will learn to walk this September before sprinting into the playoffs.

No doubt that the passing game will have to be used to keep defenses honest in Brad's KAO that should feature a strong ground game. But hopefully it can be more than adequate and have a little bit of kick. But lets hope that this group can make a handful of big plays per game to do more than "not lose." Just a few plays a game can break defenses that will usually be stacking 8 or 9 in the box. This group will be the key to the Vikings this year.

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