Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mixing in some LINKs

Ragnarok - I'm new to Ragnarok, but can you argue with a man "just trying to come to terms with my relationship with the Minnesota Vikings through my blog. I'm sure that someday they'll show me that they love me too." We can all hope TBird!

2008 Mock Draft - The Viking Age assures us that it is NEVER too early to look ahead to the 2008 draft! The only problem is that the Vikes are drafting 12th in this early prognostication, we all know they'll be drafting 32nd.

Vikings Frenzy - new Vikings blog, a chick in the heart of Raven country. It could be worse, Katie, you could be in Wisconsin.

Orlando LOVES Minnesota - Chris Harry seems to be giving the Vikings a little bit of early love. They must still have some Minnesota snowbirds receiving their paper.

Viking Vixen - gotta love an NFL blog that is pink!

Viking Buzz - this is my link to a bunch of Viking links!

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