Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is our year! (drink that Kool-Aid folks)

I'm sure everyone has been wondering where have I been the last few months. All you've gotten was a spattering of posts since the end of the season. To be honest I have been inspired by the honesty, fortitude and courage of certain young women who took the difficult step of admitting they have a problem and sought help. So, much like Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears I went into rehab for my addiction. If you haven't heard much about my self-admittance it is because I wouldn't let my PR people put it out there to be spun by the paparazzi into something ugly and untrue.

Unfortunatly I was not as strong as the brave women mentioned above and I have not been able to deny myself the life sustaining PURPLE KOOL-AID that I desperately need. I was barely able to make it through Free Agency, the Draft and of course the recent OTAs. But now there is a lull until training camp and I just HAD to get my fix.

I'm telling you folks, THIS IS OUR YEAR! Brad the Red Hot Childress Pepper has the coaches and players he wants to run his Kick Ass Offense (KAO, which btw you read HERE first before Tom Powers stole it HERE.)!

I'll explain why this is our year, but I have to go call my sponser.

For now here were my thoughts on the 2007 offense and defense pre-NFL Draft and free agency.

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