Wednesday, August 08, 2007

back on the wagon

I feel I should share my story with you all, hoping that none of you will suffer the same sad and lonely story of depression, desperation and depravity.

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a Vikings fan. At an early age I felt a strange draw towards a particular purple headed football team. As a young child I thoroughly enjoyed watching the boys in purple pummeling the NFL representatives from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and even the weak link in Florida. Sure there was an occasional loss along the way but I was confident that next week would be different and I would end my Sunday afternoon with a high that could only be brought on by an Anthony Carter touchdown and a dominant performance by Browner, Studwell and friends.

Unfortunately there always seemed to be a low that far exceeded the high.

  • The Herschel Walker trade was the missing piece and who didn't see the Super Bowl in the immediate future after the "oops I lost my shoe but I'll score anyway" initial run. That of course was followed by 3 seasons of averaging 755 yds and just under 7 TDs, a team average of 8-8 over those 3 seasons and most importantly watching the Cowboys build a dynasty with our 1st and 2nd round picks for 3 years including drafting the NFL's all time leading rusher.
  • And who could forget the 1998 season? Randy Moss takes the NFL by storm and is the catylist in jumpstarting what would become the NFL's more prolific single season offense. 15-1 heading into the playoffs. Sat and rested during the Wild Card weekend, blew past the Cardinals in the Divisional round and then Gary Anderson missed his only FG of the season as we watched the Falcons do the Dirty Bird on the HHH Metrodome turf.
  • Lightning Round, if you are Vikings fan you'll know what I'm talking about...
    • Dropped pass
    • the Push-off
    • Les Steckel
    • Dimitrius Underwood
    • Forty-one Doughnut
    • Super Bowl IV
    • Super Bowl VIII
    • Super Bowl IX
    • Super Bowl XI
There are more instances similar to those listed above, but it makes me wonder if the peaks are worth it if I have to go through the valleys.

So at the urging of my family I have taken a couple months to submit to rehab. My recovery was going fabulous, that is until the Vikings made the trip down to Mankato and the PKA just found it's way back into my veins.

This is our year. How and why this will be our year will be discussed soon.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming posts...

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