Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trade Rumor

Well it must be Shooter week on PKA. Walter's throws this nugget out there today...

Rumors persist that the Vikings could trade with the Houston Texans for quarterback David Carr, 27, who might cost just a fourth-round draft pick.
I don't know where these rumors are originating, what birdie is telling this to Charlie or what color the clouds are in his world (obviously not purple like they are in real life). But I don't care because I LIKE this rumor.

David Carr for a 4th round pick would be a great offseason move for the Vikes. Carr has not lived up to the expectations put on a #1 overall draft pick, but that does not mean that he wouldn't be an upgrade for the Vikes. He has 5 years of experience and each of those years he has played behind the NFL's worst OLines. Maybe (just maybe) getting behind a line that could protect him would allow him to be more successful (and less Favre-like in his TD:INT ratio).

I don't know if this has any legs but for a 4th, or even a 3rd, round draft pick Carr is a minimal gamble with updside potential.

Here is a story in the Houston paper about Carr's availability.

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John said...


I agree, Carr for a 4th round pick would be a steal. Put him behind a decent line and he'll be a solid QB.

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