Monday, February 12, 2007

Draft News !!!

This is to be categorized under "Thank God for the Media because this is news that you NEVER would have figured out without their help."

Charlie Walters of the Pioneer Press offers this insightful nugget...

But a little birdie says that if Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is available at No. 7, chances are better than not that he'll either be chosen by the Vikings or the pick will be traded lower to a team that covets Quinn more than Minnesota.
WOW! So there is at least a 50.01% chance that if a potential franchise QB falls to the Vikings they'll either draft him or trade the pick to a team that wants him more. I NEVER would have guessed that!

I generally like reading Walter's column as he is more lucid than Sid but offers the same kind of quick hitting notes and sometimes insider speculation. But how does something like this make it to print?

UPDATE: A little birdie has told the Purple Kool Aid that if the Vikings don't draft Brady Quinn or trade that pick to someone else, CHANCES ARE PRETTY GOOD THAT WE'LL DRAFT A DIFFERENT PLAYER. This is just a rumor and unconfirmed but I think it is likely.

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