Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not sure if you noticed...

I can't beleive nobody is talking about this but this week Terrell Owens is playing his first game back in Philladelphia.

Actually I think ESPN has officiall petitioned the NFL to name this week T.O. Week. Friday morning I was watching Sportscenter and their script actually made reference to how ridiculous the T.O. coverage has been and that he'll be going to Philly with 52 other players. Then of course the story that followed was 100% about T.O.'s return.

T.O. has quickly moved to a solid #2 on my list of all time least favorite NFL players (he's about to pass Deon). This guy is a team killer. I don't want to spent much time on him, but NOTHING would please me more than the networks ignoring T.O.'s antics and only discussing what he does between the white lines on Sunday. Here is all that is relevant surround T.O.

14 catches, 187 yards, 1 TD through 3 games.
2005 played only 7 games because of injury.

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