Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Idiot of the week

Well I have a few local nominations for this week's top honor from PKA. Here are the runner ups followed by the prestigious winner...

2nd Runner-up - Joe Sensor. The Vikings radio broadcast color man might be the worst in the business. Had the fortune/misfortune of listening to Sunday's game as I drove through enemy territory back to the Twin Cities. His partner on the broadcast is Paul Allen who I think does an outstanding job bringing the game to life, but he is dragged down by Sensor. Let me recap.

  • Troy Williamson gets hit hard and is lying on the ground. We all now know that Troy got his clock cleaned and was suffering from a concussion. Joe quickly and emphatically told us that he broke his wrist. This wasn't a guess or prediction, he told us several times that Troy did in fact break his wrist and that is a blow to the Vikings. Someone tell Joe to wait for some information before he makes crap up.
  • Seattle kicker, Josh Brown was about to line up for a 1st half, 39 yard FG. Joe is adamant that Brown is the "hottest kicker in the league" and he "does not miss from this distance." The very next words uttered were Paul Allen saying that Brown is 8 of 12 on the season and 0 for 2 in the 30-39 yard range. You just can't make this stuff up, unless you are Joe Sensor of course.
  • I was keeping a mental list of other retarded things he said, but this post is long enough, you get the point.
1st Runner-up - Gophers head coach Glen Mason! This guy is priceless. At a recent press conference Mason stated how he wasn't bothered by the student section chanting "Fire Mason" during a recent 10-9 throttling of a tough Div 1AA North Dakota State team. But this chant that didn't bother him drove him to a tirade where he bragged about how far this program has come in the last 10 years and rhetorically asked where this team was 10 years ago? Well Glen, 10 years ago this team beat terrible non-conference teams then scratched and clawed for 1 or 2 Big 10 wins JUST LIKE THIS YEAR. His team is terrible (0 Big 10 wins thus far) and is last in the Big 10 in graduation rates. Glen can take credit for a handful of consecutive bowl games, but nobody should grant this program more than mediocre status at any point in the last 10 years. Way to go Glen, you are above any criticism because you took a terrible program and brought it to mediocrity (then back to terrible again).

Idiot of the Week - Wayne Derkotch! Nobody knows Mr. Derkotch but he is a class act. When he felt his son was getting slighted and deserved more playing time on the football team Mr. Derkotch decided he'd confront his son's coach, WITH A GUN. Some of you might be reading this and saying well maybe it was a big game, maybe his son had college scouts in the stands or maybe the coach really was benching the young Derkotch without warrant, but another important piece of information to this story is that this football game was amongst 6 and 7 year olds. That is awesome. An upset parent feels that pulling a gun on a volunteer football coach of 6 and 7 year olds was the appropriate response to a lack of playing time for his kid. This guy shouldn't just be arrested but really he should not be allowed to parent this child because the kid will likely grow up to make similar decisions as his brilliant father.

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