Friday, October 13, 2006

My thoughts....

Randy Who? Daunte Who? - Remember when Moss and Culpepper were impact players and national stories? Look at them now. Moss has been irrelevent on the NFL's worst team and Culpepper went from a super recovery freak to Joey Harrington's backup. The Viking's trades were scrutinized as MN "not getting enough" for those marquee names. Over a full season after the Moss trade I think it is obvious that the Vikes are getting more production out of Williamson/Napo than the Raiders are getting out of Moss. And this isn't about comparing numbers, the 2006 versions of Napo and to a lesser extent Williamson have contributed to the winning games for the Vikings. Moss and all of his abilities have done nothing to make the Raiders even competitive.

The Culpepper trade is still up for debate. He obviously rushed to play before his body was ready, but Culpepper at 3/4 strength should still be better than Harrington at 100%. But it is not and things are not so happy for DC back home in Florida. If the Vikings received anything of value in return is yet to be determined, but at this point you would have to be happy to have an average Brad Johnson rather than a former All-Pro who has been beat out by Joey Harrington.

Idiot of the week(s) - This is my new weekly award. But there are 2 worth candidates for the previous 2 weeks...

  • Albert Haynesworth was suspended for an unprecidented 5 weeks after he intentionally stomped on the face of Cowboy's C Andre Gurode. What a tool! Who does this? I know these guys are paid a lot of money to be aggressive and mean, but at some point don't they realize that there is something wrong with taking foot that is shielded with cleates and holds up your 300+ lb frame then dropping that on another human's unprotected face? IDIOT.
  • Antrel Rolle was fined $12,500 for intentionally tackling Chief's RB Larry Johnson by the facemask after Johnson ripped off 78 yards on a short pass late in a 20-20 game. What was he thinking? "We can't actually stop him and I'm frustrated so it is only fair that I grab his facemask and rip him to the ground." Johnson is lucky he wasn't injured more seriously for him and for Rolle. You are a football player and if you are pissed that someone is beating you then figure out a way to beat him without hurting him. You'll be shocked to know that Rolle learned his classless football skills at the University of Miami.

Welcome to the NFL rookies - 1 year ago Reggie Bush, Matt Lienart and Vince Young were the toast of the NCAA. It took till week 5 before all 3 were seeing significant playing time for thier NFL teams.
  • Reggie Bush has been playing in every game for the Saints, but week 5 was his first touchdown. He displayed his unique abilities as he returned a punt 65 yards for a TD.
  • Vince Young started for the Titans in week 4 but through 2 full games has struggled to a 46.6 QB Rating.
  • Matt Leinart finally passed Kurt Warner on the depth chart helped AZ jump to an early lead over KC that they could not hold on to. Leinart did throw 2 TD passes in the loss.

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