Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love to hear it...

I have no problem a little trash talking. Many players and teams are too afraid to ruffle feathers or on the other side of the spectrum are so freaking sensitive (ooohhh, they said they are going to beat us, they give us no respect, booohoooo).

But the Vikings defensive line isn't shying away from giving the Packers some locker room material.

Pat Williams - “Damn, that’s their problem,” Williams said. “They’re going through all that as a team, trying to figure out if Favre or [Aaron] Rodgers was the man, while we’ve got the same team we had all offseason. I’m glad they got all that darn press, ‘cause when we go down there it’ll be the kid’s first start and his first damn loss.”

Jared Allen - "Hopefully, I can put my helmet square in the back of [Rodgers’] spine,” Allen said. “If I can do that and knock the ball loose, it’ll be a good day.”

Handing Rogers his first NFL loss and interceptions one, two and three on his way to catching Favre's record, now that would be a good day.

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