Monday, August 04, 2008

Hitler is tired of Brett Favre Saga

Personally, I still love this whole drama. It is a Win, Win, Win for Vikings fans.

WIN #1 - Favre ends up in purple.

I know this is considered a loss by many, but if you are able to step back at all and look at this objectively, there can be no doubt Brett Favre gives us a better chance to win more games than Jackson. I'll enjoy watching Jackson this year and am intrigued by what he brings, but if Favre actually gives us a shot at the Super Bowl I'll take that 100 out of 100 times. Not wanting Favre because we hate him is childish. You think Green Bay fans would have rejected Randy Moss because he torched the Pack on several occasions and mooned them in a playoff game? No, because when sober they understand how much he can help their football team. It is all about winning and if you hate Green Bay, watching Favre beat his hold team (TWICE) would be so much fun to watch.

WIN #2 - Favre stays in Green Bay as Roger's backup

This is going to be a total circus in Green Bay and is guaranteed to divide their fan base and more importantly their locker room. Favre in Green Bay has high potential to fracture their season.

WIN #3 - Favre is the starter in Green Bay

They'll win more games, but I would bet a fair amount that Favre starting right away will push Rogers over the edge and he'll get out of town ASAP. So 2008 may be good for Green Bay but with Rogers gone their 2009 QB situation is VERY bleak.

Anyway, the point of hte post is the video below. This Hitler clip has been used an awful lot for humor purposes and this one is relevant. Enjoy...

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