Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NFC Power Rankings Week 5

I know that I skipped a week or two or three. I have several excuses so if you want to hear them shoot me an e-mail. If not then quit whining and enjoy the official power rankings...

  1. Dallas (5-0) - I'm one who turned it off and went to bed, this looks to be the best the NFC has to offer
  2. Green Bay (4-1) - Maybe the refs didn't get the memo, this is Ol'#4's last year so they have to go 19-0.
  3. Arizona (3-2) - beat Pitt, lost 2 close games and revived with Warner
  4. Washington (3-1) - just happy they killed the Lions
  5. New York (3-2) - OOOOH, a 3 game win streak, LOOK OUT!
  6. Seattle (3-2) - beat Cincy, but that just gets them a ranking above Carolina
  7. Tampa Bay (3-2) - has anybody called He Hate Me yet?
  8. Carolina (3-2) - unimpressive but still above .500
  9. Detroit (3-2) - most points allowed in NFC (and they even played the Vikings)
  10. Chicago (2-3) - nice road win, be sure to send a gift basket to James Jones and Favre
  11. San Francisco (2-3) - raise your hand if you knew Trent Dilfer was still in the league
  12. Minnesota (1-3) - a 1 week non-losing streak heading into Bear week
  13. Philadelphia (1-3) - ranked below MN cause it is my freaking blog
  14. Atlanta (1-4) - Hey, the team we beat got a win, YAY!
  15. St. Louis (0-5) - there is always next year
  16. New Orleans (0-4) - I thought they'd be bad, but this is ugly

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