Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Game


This offense can't be stopped, they are rollin!

All we needed was a little momentum going into Chicago. Don't forget we can still win the division!

OK, seriously now; I know that was a W over one of the teams fighting only for draft position, but it was just what the doctor ordered and nobody reading this would have been shocked to see a Cardinal victory. Here are some highlights / lowlights...


  • Chester Taylor - 136 yards, 1 TD, moved up the 5th in NFL for rushing yards.
  • Run Defense - I know that our pass defense has been exposed, but 51 pass attempts because they aren't going to get anything on the ground leads to 2 INTs.
  • Marcus Robinson - isn't it nice to have a WR that can be counted on to actually catch the ball? 7 catches, 82 yards and a TD aren't Hall of Fame numbers but we haven't that in a long time.
  • Ben Leber - this guy is severly underappreciated. You never hear his name but that might be because he is simply making the plays he is supposed to make. I see him in position, taking on blockers, forcing fumbles and letting the playmakers around him make plays.
  • Antoine Winfield - 13 solo tackles, 1 pass defensed. Solid play.
  • Brad Johnson - 260+ yards and enough TDs to last him 6 weeks.
  • Dwight Smith - 6 tackles, 2 INTs. Most productive day as a Viking for Mr. Smith.
  • Chester Taylor - fumbles were never a problem before, now I'm afraid he's got fumbleitis on his brain. Arguably cost us the game vs. Miami and nearly cost us the game vs. Arizona. He single handedly turned the game from 38-13 to 31-19. If we want to play a 17th game this year he has to stop doing his best Culpepper impersonations.
  • Pass Rush - teams are 1-dimensional now and have been for 4 of the last 5 games. Our D-line which is phenominal vs. the run needs to get the the QB quicker and more often. Leinart threw 51 times and was on his back only once. The last 3 games have seen 135 pass attempts and just 1 sack. That has to change and the line needs to do it without the help from blitzing LBs.
  • The High Road - it must be lonely and frustrating on Denny's high road. We always wondered were that road would lead? Well it looks like it leads to unemployment once again!
  • Gopher Basketball - that's for another blog, but it still saddens me.
All in all the team looked better, albeit not exactly ready for the opening kickoff. The offense looked capable, the run game looked much improved, but all that must be tempered by the fact that it was the Cardinals. Next week at Chicago will be different. We'll likely see a less talented passing game that has been prone to mistakes but we'll also see a more capable running team that will stay committed to it and a MUCH better defense that will make us work for every 1st down.

Losing to SanFran, Green Bay and Miami only meant that we'd have to beat a team or two that we were not supposed to beat if we want to make the playoffs. This is the week to do that. All I know is that next week could be for the division championship! If we can shut down the run and make Rex throw 51 times we might end up with 6 INTs!!!

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