Monday, November 20, 2006

Call Out / Shout Out

Call Out - Brad Childress

  • Please make an offensive adjustment throughout the game!!! Your offense has been rather effective on opening drives this season, scoring on most of them. Touchdowns have been a struggle but I won't put false start and holding penalties on your shoulders (yet). But the following our opening drives opposing defenses are obviously making adjustments and your offense seems content to run the same plays over and over. We have to be able to counter their counters and we have to run routes to the open areas of the field.
Shout Out - Mike Tomlin
  • It has been a LONG time since we have seen a defense ranked in the top 10 in total yards allowed and points allowed. The defense this year is 9-1, unfortunately the offense is 1-9 and that nets out to 4-6. This defense is legit and fun to watch. The passing stats are a little high but much of that can be attributed to the run defense being so good that teams are forced to pass on every down and that leads to higher passing yards against.
Call Out - Bryant McKinnie / Steve Hutchinson
  • You guys are making a combined 33 million in guaranteed money. It is about time you started playing well on EVERY down. Currently you do your job on some downs and get manhandles on other downs. In the last month Brad Johnson looks like a jumping bean in the pocket because he knows that he doesn't have much time. You only make up 40% of the O-line but you need to be more consistent so we have SOMEONE on that line we can rely on.
Shout Out - Pat Williams
  • You sir are the MVP thus far! Your stats do not accurately show your dominance and your ability to make big plays when big plays are needed most. For my money you are the anchor and heart of this improving defense.
Call Out - Brad Johnson
  • I am tired of hearing what a game manager you are and how you may not win games for your team but you surely won't lose games. Well I find that statement false. I say you are direclty responsible for the Chicago, Buffalo and Miami losses. And you are a significant contributor to the New England and San Francisco losses. Your 10 INT to 5 TD ratio is terrible and when it counted most is the Chi, Buf, Mia games you came up remarkably short. Let me be one of the first to call for a change at QB (maybe I'm not the first, but you get the point).
Shout Out - Chester Taylor / Tony Richardson
  • This shout out could be attributed to Rick Speilman for signing the two highly effective backs. Chester has proven to be a more than capable every down back. His QB has been sketchy and his O-line has been inconsistent yet he is on pace for nearly 1400 yards. My eyes tell me that you are able to make the first guy miss more often than not and when given a hole you make the most of it. Richardson is down and out but he was effective and made a few gutty first downs.

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