Thursday, April 26, 2007

What to do with the 7th pick...

I was thinking about doing an unimaginative and boring draft anlysis based on position (Monday - WRs, Tues - QBs, etc), but that is boring. So instead I'll provide you with an unimaginative and boring breakdown of our #7 possibities. Here is my list of top 7 things the Vikings should be doing on Saturday.

1. Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech - the best talent in the draft and the Viking's biggest need. This is a no brainer that if he is there at #7 you take him even if Mike Ditka calls to offer you all of his picks. He won't be there at #7 but I think this is the 1 guy you try to trade up for.
2. Joe Thomas, OL, Wisconsin - he won't be there when we pick but he is a sure bet and would help us dramatically. The problem with this pick is that we gave a truckload of $$ to McKinnie, I am not super high on Mt. McKinnie but that is a lot of cash to ignore.
3. Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma - a lot of people are saying that he is a game changer and has HoF credentials. Injuries are a concern, but if he falls to #7 there is no reason to pass on him (even with Chester in your backfield).
4. Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame - QBs are always a coin flip in the top 10 of the draft. For every Peyton Manning there are Tim Couches and Ryan Leaves. But Quinn comes from ND and I have always like his QB skills. I'm tempted to say trade the pick at this point but I wouldn't fault them for drafting Quinn.
5. TRADE the pick - I know I haven't listed a few big names yet, but that's because if JaMarcus Russell is still here either there is a reason(drugs, injury, jail, etc.) OR you can trade him for a ton of picks. I put Quinn above Russell because you'll get way more for Russell than Quinn at this point. But he won't be there so don't get too worked up. Realistically LeRon Landry may be here and you could trade him to New England for possibly both of their 1st round picks (24 and 28). I'd make that deal.
6. Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson - every player at this point is if you CAN'T work out a good trade. Adams would be good to have but realistically he might be our #3 DE for this year. You can argue that you need to look longterm and I'm throwing out a perennial All Pro DE because I want a short term impact. But what I really want is both, an impact player who will be here for years to come.
7. LeRon Landry, S - this is an update to the original post, but if LeRon is sitting here and you don't have a suitable trade, I have no problem drafting him. By all accounts he is a great talent and would be an outstanding safety for as long as we keep him under contract. Safety is supposedly an important cog to the Tampa-2 machine so there is no harm in locking down that position for the next 5+ years.

8. TRADE down
- I know I already used this one, but #5 was a scenario when a top notch guy was there and you can get significant value. At this point, nobody hits me as an impact player. Move down to the middle of the 1st round and add a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I can see an argument for Levi Brown, Jamaal Anderson or even Leon Hall; but I can make just as strong an argument for one of the mid-1st round WRs or Marshawn Lynch or another good but not projected at GREAT player.

I think I'll address WRs tomorrow since that is such a high need and deep position in this draft. ( I will NOT be addressing WRs, sorry)

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